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Professional communication

The need for structured communication within companies and organisations is growing apace because society is demanding it. Communicating with all those groups of people on whom you are dependent - or may become dependent - as an organisation, is an essential element in policy.

Communication - in simple terms - is letting others know what you mean. Man cannot live without communication. Without professional communication, companies and organisations find it hard to survive.

Apart from the day-to-day communication that we need for our social contacts, there is also professional communication.

Professional communication agencies concern themselves with setting up and implementing communication plans structured in advance. Plans designed to lead to people and organisations becoming more widely known, or maintaining or acquiring a good image. But the strategy is mainly focused on achieving the company objectives such as achieving larger sales and profit. All designed to safeguard continuity, whether profit-making or non-profit-making.

De Joode Communicatie is one such professional communication consultancy.

Public Relations is the activity in which we aim to achieve, step-by-step, a better positive awareness and understanding of an organisation. De Joode Communicatie, together with the client, creates public relations policies, by using the company policy as a base. The strategic approach of the (groups of) people on whom the company depends or may depend, is of great importance at all times. These people or groups of people can be internal or external.

Public Affairs is part of Public Relations and offers a strategic approach to specific target groups, such as Governments, consumer organisations and other opinion leaders. One of the tools we can use for these activities is lobbying.

Apart from its general consultancy practice covering Public Relations and Public Affairs, De Joode Communicatie is specialised in:

  • healthcare communications
  • crisis communications
  • communications training
  • mediation
De Joode Communicatie
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